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Re: Meds and ED

Oh yes, the rebound and withdraw was crazy. I was preparing for it. I got that openness and neurotic personality traits so I didn't mind the challenge and experiment and wouldn't mind the suffering haha. Had two panic attacks and the first one I took 10mg IR broke it into a 2.5mg and after a short while, I calmed down. The second panic attack I forced myself to endure it. I had my pill bottle open and my phone in my hand to call someone but I recollected and started doing affirmations of how much of a pimp I am. Then I didn't take a pill and didn't call anyone for help. But I never want to go through that again.

Originally Posted by Little Nut View Post
Hey ILR, this is OT, but I wanted to point out, that bouncing your dosage around day-to-day may cause issues in addition to rebound effects. Off the top of my head in my case I would expect issues with sleep disturbances, eating/hunger, and treating ADHD symptoms that were treated. I would feel like I was on a roller coaster.

Also, I think treatment of both issues is a perfectly reasonable expectation. GL, -LN
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