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Re: Lethargy

Hi. I wanted to respond to your post because it could have easily been written by my daughter. She feels exactly the same way you do. Have you ever read about Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)? Do a little internet research and see if you might feel like you fall in that category. My daughter has inattentive adhd and takes stimulants (Adderall works best for her) to help her feel more awake and focused. It makes her feel motivated to do things. When she doesn't take them, she doesn't really want to do much or get much done. However, feels more like 'herself' without them - she is funny, artistic, and creative. She feels that she loses that part of herself when she is on medicine but we don't really notice much of a difference looking at her from the outside - she is still all those things to us.

She also hates taking medicine and feeling dependent on it but she has dreams and goals and knows that the medicine helps bring out the part of the that lets her get those things done. Drugs might help enable you to get those things done but you are the one that is doing it - not the drugs. Please do not think that you are ever worthless without the drugs. I wish I could just give you a hug right now.

What works for my daughter is to take the medicine when she has a lot she needs to get done and to take breaks from it when she doesn't (like on weekends). She pretty much just lays around and gets nothing done on her to do list but she feels restored and able to tackle things the next time she takes the medicine. I don't know if this helped you but at the very least, I wanted to let you know that you are not alone and that others feel this way too.

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