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Re: non-drug treatment success stories please!

Iím just beginning on the journey with my 10 yo son who was recently diagnosed (3 months ago) with combination ADHD. To top it off, heís also academically gifted which has delayed the reality of it because heís always excelled at school. Since starting 4th grade, though, his ADHD has really come to light. He has more responsibility at school this year (changing classes, teachers, more homework etc.).


What (I believe) has helped out of everything Iíve tried is (in order that I think has helped the most so far:
- He started Taekwondo classes six weeks ago (exercise, focus, discipline, self-confidence)
- More protein in his diet (especially at breakfast)
- Omega 3 fish oil (we have been using Coromega and also ground flax seed)
- Attitude adjustment on my part
- Checklists and Rewards program (the verdict is still out on this one, though)
Things weíre just starting (over the last couple of weeks)
- less junk food (we donít eat a lot to begin with, but thereís room for improvement)
- packing school lunch instead of cafeteria food
- slowly incorporating more organic food & less processed food
- more consistent dinner time
Things Iím looking into:
- Feingold Diet
- Krill Oil capsules (just ordered some from Amazon)
- S.M.A.R.T. BrainGames and/or Neurofeedback
- and
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