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Re: non-drug treatment success stories please!

My son is 6, his ADD is mostly controlled by diet. He is 100% gluten and dairy free, 99% colour and preservative free, with reduced soy and sugar. When he get that 1% of colour etc we are really reminded why we cut it out. Last year when he was more like 80% additive free with no reduction in soy or sugar his teacher said he was the most distracted/inattentive of all the undiagnoised kids she had. Since then the doctor recomended the further diet changes that is to cut out soy, sugar and additives - it is a work in progess.
I experiment from time to time with suppliments inc fish oil, magnisum, zinc, vit C - they all make minor adjustments but none have stood out as amazing. I just started him on Learning Factors smoothy which is like a multivitamin designed for learning difficulties.

He also has started doing Learning Breakthrough type exercises though the aim is to help his learning any behavour effects will be a bonus...
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