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Hi Codykins, You are smart to look into the different types of treatment before jumping into the use of medications, which should be the last resort. As you do this, remember that your child is not a guinea pig (trying different treatments) which can cause problems your child does not need.

Our family has been very happy with the use of the Feingold diet. My son was on medication first and while things got a lot better, we could see that something was still triggering the behaviors we were trying to stop. The good and bad days were just not as obvious. After stopping the meds and using the diet totally, things were great and they were great 24 hours a day. The medications would wear off--the diet does not. The Feingold Association is a big help. Be sure to go to this support group's website.

Best wishes to you. Marcia

Originally Posted by Codykins View Post
My son is in-attentive ADHD and he is 6 and in First Grade. He is a focus and attention problem child, he is not hyperactive at all.

Come 4/28 I will need to decide if I will agree to stimulant medication. I researched, read so many books and keep trying to find the right answers.

I hate the side effects, the long term use, etc. etc. etc I am an active Mom and will do what ever I can to help him through this. As of "today" I am leaning towards non-medication treatments. I am attending my second seminar next well on non-drug alternatives. I am looking at the Feingold diet and researching biofeedback. I feel as though I should try other alternatives first. I ordered "bright spark" and "focus" herbal treatments and will start him on Monday.

I am also thinking vitamin supplements, but can't figure out what to buy.

Anyone who can give some suggestions on alternative treatments please help me with suggestions.

I would love to hear some success stories.
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