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Originally Posted by seeduser View Post
Capes WOULD be very COOL !!!

I was diagnosed almost a year ago now. It was like the end of August '07, so I just think of it as September. It took me until the end of December to tell my mom and dad. I told my closest friend in January. I told a handful more of my friends a couple months ago.

My sister still doesn't know. I'm close with my cousins, but still haven't told them. I haven't told ALL my friends yet ...

It's hard. It shouldn't be, but it is.

I'm trying to get an adhd website going to bring awareness, and also to serve as a place for information and entertainment for adders, but ... that means going public.

So ... eventually I have to let everyone know.

I've written stuff on there that nobody knows about me ... until now (or at least until they learn about the website). It's been a good source of therapy for me so far. I get to be creative, talk about the things on my mind, be open ... and it's forcing me to stop hiding under a rock and go public about who I really am (and about the adhd too).

The common response I've received after disclosing my adhd so far have been mostly disinterest and the "excuses" blah, blah, blah ... The disinterest bugs me. Sure, those who seem disinterested don't hold it against me, or look at me different, or anything bad ... it's just that I'd like to talk about it with some of them.

With my parents, it brings home a lot of the past and puts it in a new light. My father was diagnosed with cancer back in January, and I feel my adhd diagnosis is a good opportunity for us to shine a new light on our past relationship, and allow us to get closer (before it's too late). Especially in this situation, the adhd ISN'T about me, it's about US.

And my best friend is the perfect person to help me with things, such as positive reinforcement, keep me on track, talk through things, etc ... heck, we were hanging out in his garage one day (not long after my diagnosis, but before I told him), and a commercial about a study on adult adhd for a local college came on the radio, and as sincere as can be, he told me I should look into it, or at least go look into the possibility that I have adhd.

But ever since I told him of my diagnosis ... if I bring it up, the topic quickly gets swept under the rug and shifted to something else.

Telling people is hard.

Maybe it's hard for others to hear about it too. Maybe they just don't know how to react. It's not just adders who get uncomfortable in social/personal situations. We ALL do.

It's weird how tough relationships can be, isn't it?

PS - I know there's the "disability" protections and what not, but I recommend NOT telling your boss or co-workers, unless you truly believe you're in a friendly environment. Work is work. It's none of their business. And if you work in a corporate environment, just like high school, this type of information can come back and bite you!
I agree, I don't remember if I already said it... in my last post in this thread... (probably did), but of course, when being interviewed or even when working, I wouldn't say anything... especially now that I'm back on meds, it's been more than I week and I'm beginning to improve, again...

I did once share that thought that I suspected that I had ADD and told that person why (couldn't concentrate, got distracted a lot) and that person said, not necessarily, everyone has that problem. But he may have been trying to make me feel better.. or else he was trying to get me to quit telling a lot of people. But after I found out and was properly diagnosed, I did tell him that... but I don't remember what his response was. I guess if he did agree with me, he was afraid that he might have made me feel bad... and I might have said something like: "What" you're saying you think I'm crazy too?? So, I don't hold it against him, of course.


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