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Re: Life crushing anxiety

Originally Posted by Fraser_0762 View Post
I know some people are like immune to ever experiencing the worst effects. But how many people are really that lucky?
Seems like most people who have tried the anti-anxiety pills here did get good results without serious long term side effects. I've read some complaints on depression meds but I haven't really seen as many on anti-anxiety meds.

My mom has been taking a benzo for a couple years now. Man alive has it made a difference. She did get a side effect. Can't remember what it was but it wasn't that big a deal and the dr. just lowered her med a bit and shes fine again.

I was afraid of the side effects for her too. But then my sisters pointed out the side effect for her not taking the meds is that she might end up having a stroke. It was when she had a mini-stroke we were able to convince her to start taking the meds. Her mini-stroke was timed at a very high stress point in her life so we are pretty sure anxiety had a lot to do with her stroke.

My sisters have had a friend die in his 30s from a heart attack. They think his extreme work stress contributed to it - he never took anxiety meds. I myself have gotten stomach erosion, high blood pressure, all from stress (well, bp is genetic too) which isn't even as severe as I'm sure your anxiety is.

The side effects of not taking meds can sometimes be much, much greater than the meds you do take. You're still young so maybe high bp, ulcers, heart attacks, strokes haven't come into play yet but if you don't treat your anxiety, the odds are they will someday affect you too - before you know it. Listening to how severe your side effect of not taking meds is, I suspect you will have a more painful and short life without meds than with - even if the meds do end up causing some pain and shortening your life somewhat.
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