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Also seeking referral for diagnosis

Hi all,

For some reason I couldn't post a new thread so forgive me for jumping into this one with a slightly different request.

I'm seeking someone who can provide assessment and diagnosis in the northern VA/greater DC area. My insurance company told me any clinical psychologist can assess adult ADD, but every clin psych I've called has said they don't do it. (Some even say they don't offer counseling for it.) Even the folks on the list my physician provided--supposedly vetted to find people who diagnose/treat adult ADD--tell me they neither diagnose nor treat.

I do have a psychiatrist who told me she can diagnose me after taking a one-hour clinical history, but from everything I've read that shouldn't be enough to base a diagnosis on, so I'm hesitant to go to her.

I'm feeling very frustrated, so would appreciate any leads.

many thanks,
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