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Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?

I have had major issues getting any sort of motivation. Adderall works to a minor extent after the initial high, and leave me feeling like a bunch of overloaded hot wires...and I can get really wound up and tense. So I also take 750mg of Gaba and some other stuff too, it all helps with clarity and mood, but not really acting on my motivations.

So for the heck of it, I tried to go the increase the testosterone route to increase my drive (not my sexual drive mind you, no problem there). So I got some D-Aspartic acid 1500mg and by day 3 $%#cking WOW.

I don't know if I feel ADD with it, my script has ran out and I'm not panicked about getting it refilled like I normally would be. I don't have that crazy hot-wire feeling.

Just out of the blue, I woke up at 4:30 which happens, but instead of going back to sleep, I cleaned up my office, really cleaned it up.

Then I hit the treadmill and actually ran and not just jogged for a bit. I've never done this.

I've been riddled with many other little issues like communication skills and self confidence, I have instantly and drastically improved that situation. Picked a few books and am reading them and it's already working!

I painted our bedroom as a surprise after subtly figuring out what color my wife wanted, she mentioned it once, and it's a big room! I was at the store at 8 in the morning getting paint...I DON'T NORMALLY DO THIS, like this is crazy for me.

So then I quit the D-Aspartic acid because I'm going to go get my regular testosterone levels checked, and yep there went the self motivation, not all...yet, but after that I'm right back on it, I'm going to double it in fact.

So not sure what's working here, is the D-Aspartic acid really boosting my testosterone and motivating me? I did a search on d-aspartic acid and ADHD, and apparently it works on rats with ADHD, crazy huh?

Apparently it's a neurotransmitter too. So now I'm thinking is my body just short on D-Aspartic acid, or is it working as a substitute neurotransmitter?

Anyone have a similar experience or an insight?
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