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Re: ADD = asset

One thing though, the paying attention to everything that I keep hearing about--anyone actually have that? I really don't notice details like that. I write and want to make a living off it but not innately seeing details bothers me. I think I used too. Like reading, I used to read every single sign and sticker I came across. Now, not so much. I don't know if life just beat that out of me, but...ok, I'm going on a tangent. But the details thing. I don't see them unless specifically looking. I'm usually just in my head and oblivious to the outside world. I know I'm not alone in that, but I'm curious how prevalent the other side of the coin is.
I'm the same way, I'm good at seeing the big picture, but I'm HORRIBLE at absorbing details!

I really hate articles like this, to be honest. We have a hard enough time getting ADHD recognized as a legitimate disorder and receiving accommodations for it as it is, articles like this don't help. At all.

I really don't think there is anything positive about ADHD. And I'm not a Negative Nancy about it either. ADHD RUINED my life until I finally got diagnosed in my 30's and started to experience actual career and life success after starting medication and coaching. I succeed in SPITE of my ADHD, not because of it, I'm learning to overcome the deficits this disorder causes, at least to some degree, and I honestly believe that's the most inspiring thing of all.
No I don't have ADHD ... Oh look, a fishie!!
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