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Re: Keys to College Success

Being a Junior in college in information science with ADHD, I'd say most aspects of this article are what I absolutely hate hearing will help you succeed in college. As a student, obviously you should study every day and spread out your work, join every club and activity, get a 4.0, but none of these things are realistic.
A few things, I wish I was told going into college even throughout my first 2 years in college:

1. Start finding like you enjoy doing, this doesn't mean a specific job or major. There are so many majors I have never even heard of still going through college.

2. Try to take the classes that will apply to potential major early. Don't take all general educations because people tell you thats what freshman year "is."
After changing my major in sophomore year, I wasn't able to take all the classes I wanted because I now had different requirements than in the previous major.

3. will save your life! It is a database of the reviews of most professors. Everyone says you will have bad professors but this should help you avoid them. I hated lectures, could never focus,d id I sit at the front and take every note? Nope, found teachers that engaged students and wanted to help. Going to a professor and asking for help will teach you far quicker and better than trying to take notes off a board for a hour. Still knowing what the professor went over and learning what I could on my own was also very important.

4. Networking is maybe the most important aspects of college I have found. This is both social and professional. But the people can meet in college will help you so much more than your GPA. I have taken classes that I didn't need, just to work with a certain professor. She was able to introduce me to so many people (Entrepreneurs, CEO's, previous students that excelled in my major) that can tell you what their mistakes, failures, and what they would change.

5. GPA is still important! Experience usually beats GPA for the most part, but you still must maintain a decent GPA. Be sure to do go in earlier classes because they probably the easiest classes you will take in all 4 years. Maintaining GPA is a lot easier than bringing it back up. Depending on major, this will vary. Getting internships and entry level jobs will look at your GPA since you probably have little or no experience. A 4.0 with leadership experience in a club or activity is definitely super impressive to a employer.
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