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Re: Keys to College Success

What works for me is subject locations and Quizlet.
For some reason, any school work I consume won't stick to my memory. I usually have to find a connection between what I'm learning and "real world" examples.

When studying, I usually do so in the library.
- I wear a baseball hat to block any visual distractions.
- I wear Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones to dampen anyone flipping the page of a book or any footsteps. I usually play recordings of a white noise machines to help me not get distracted by the sheer science these headphones bring.
- I have a specific spot in the library for each subject I study.
- I have an AppleWatch to remind me to move onto another subject or to take a break; I tend to loose track of time -- a side effect from the medications I take.
- I also use taste rewards; a method I developed in effort to help me learn new material. For example; when I'm teaching myself new material, after each and every sentence, bullet point or fact, I wet my finger tip, dip into a bag of sugar, then touch that sugar coated finger to the tip of my tongue. This method works very well.
- Quizlet is something every college student should check out if they haven't heard of it. it's an ADDers dream for studying large quantities of material.

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