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Hello I am new here

I am 30 years old, from Europe and I like reading, watching Youtube videos, the Internet, listening to music, going for a walk, meeting friends and pets.

I was diagnosed in 2010 and beside my adult mixed ADD, my coordination and motor skills are affected, also my visuospatial thinking is bad.
My visuospatial nonverbal disorder was diagnosed in 2016 and I feel that some things are slowly getting worse instead of better as I grow older.

I also have some minor depressive and anxiety issues and some mild autistic features (routines, inflexibility most of the time, only few interests).

I am working at a special institution for people with mental disorders, but I like this job. Everyone is friendly, nobody makes you an outsider and there is not as much stress and less working hours as elsewhere out in the job market.

I take Ritalin but I am looking for alternatives.
Ritalin helps with focusing, concentration and motivation, but not with the other issues.
I also want to take a vegetarian ADD med, because I am vegetarian.

My strenghts are verbal and language skills and some knowledge about my interests. Theoretically I am better than practically, except for the visuospatial things.

I am looking forward to some nice conversations.....
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