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Issues with socializing

Quick note: I am not officially diagnosed with anything. I canít tell if my social struggles are caused by possible adhd, anxiety, or something else.

I feel that people tend to see me as inconsiderate or rude. I do tend to talk over people without noticing or forget to consider others feelings when responding. I also tend to take things too far whether that be joking or talking excessively or randomly. I also have problems with speech in general, especially grammar. In fact, I sort of talk like a kid and stutter or slur words sometimes. I used to have issues with speaking either too loudly or quietly, and also over sharing, but itís gotten a lil better.

Iím starting to avoid socializing because my embarrassment tolerance is so low. I ruminate about every single conversation I have and itís extremely overwhelming and uncomfortable. It makes me freak out a bit for a minute, as in I start repeating phrases or words to myself, tense my face or body, hit something (not hard or anything) or make sounds. Idk just random soothing stuff for me.

The truth is:

I am a toy that people enjoy

'Til all of the tricks don't work anymore

And then they are bored of me.

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