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Re: Issues with socializing

Originally Posted by foreverbeach11 View Post
Hi there.You are making a good step because you seem to know what is going on when you are in a social environment. You said you haven't been diagnosed with anything yet. Have you considered seeing a professional therapist? They would be able to do a complete assessment to if something has not been diagnosed. When you find yourself doing things that are inappropriate, are you able to stop them? I know it can be difficult and I'm sorry you are going through this. Have you considered saying a simple " I'm sorry" if you find yourself speaking out of turn. Sometimes an apology can ease the tension in those situations. A therapist may be able to help you with strategies to use when being in social situations. Wishing you the best.
Thank you. Iíve been aware of my issues since high school, but since Iím pretty reserved and hate talking, I was scare to see anyone about it. I still kind of am, but I finally have my first appointment with a therapist.

When it comes to conversation, I donít really realize Iím interrupting or being inappropriate until itís too late. I do say sorry if I realize its inappropriate but a lot of the time, Iím unaware and not paying attention enough to the others reaction to notice. I seemingly only notice after when ruminating.

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