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Re: Paralysis

Originally Posted by Andi View Post
As I'm filled with dread right now to complete testing for our next release for work, my go-to is to find a stimulus that doesn't distract and helps me focus on my task. My go-to...loud music in my ears. Then I just jump and try to dive right in. My go-to is heavy metal. I can't hear the words because...come on. Are they saying words? Or some riveting classical music. Note this works for mundane tasks but I still struggle with what to use when I need to learn.
I tried Sabaton today and just stayed away from English. It really helped for about 10 minutes, but then I heard a few (Swedish) words very clearly and wondered what the song was about so it broke my stride. Those focus tones you can find online have sometimes worked for a bit, too, but they rapidly become irritating to me. Mozart's Requiem has worked for me before. I haven't used that in a while. Some parts of the Requiem aren't very conducive to learning, but I find most of it is. Would those be pieces you'd be interested in?
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