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Re: The what's bothering you RIGHT NOW thread Part V

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I was left with my doctor needing to have
"peer reviewed cited scientific evidence " for a final appeal.

Told them my theory based on the fact that it was a controlled substance and asked them why an insurance company is allowed to make medical decisions in place of my doctor when previously they must have had evidence that I did indeed need at least three a day and all of a sudden they determined I did not.

All this time I was told I had to pay for it in order to demonstrate a justifiable need- meaning if I need it this bad I would even pay for it.
And you'd think they'd pay attention to the requested bit of evidence, but that's not always the case. I haven't thought of the "tell them your theory" idea, but I might try it. That last bit is so irritating. We pay for insurance and expect them to do the job of covering what they say they'll cover. It certainly shouldn't be a matter of "if you need it that bad you'll pay for it". Kind of like the "if you can buy cigarettes you can buy your meds" argument. Very condescending, not to mention purposefully missing the point of the argument.
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