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Re: self acceptance piece number, heh.... pondering about stuff.

so, I was out on a walk, and the light rain was cascading down my face and was reminded of the phoenix myth, and then of the harmonious theory. that's smart people are either living harmoniously in light of something or disharmoniously and the words that we each say has an affect on how we are in the world.

ya, myth isn't real the same way the brain isn't plastic, but both concepts describe how the brain operates, not on a cold hard logic basis, but on the emotional context of being.

I got to thinking about what you (namu) and you(tazo) said, and what I said. and then realized. the reason why the hero myth, the monomyth etc... resonates so strongly withen me, is that my father, wasn't a hero to me. I always had to look outside the family for my hero's. for those superego lessons to push me forwards, cause I never got that at home, or rarely. on terms of my smartness, I was never taught how to just be myself and to utilize my own internal workings for external workings, everything was always done for me.

I think that's why the hero myth is so ingrained in my psyche. it's a way of reminding myself to always push forwards, to charge towards the unknown and make sense of it all. the hero strives were others fall.

however, I was serious when I said, I want to be the hero not for myself, not completely. I think we are all hero's in our own inner worlds and just like everything inner, in synchronicity, this starts to reflect the outer world, or I am in the outer world. to be the hero now for the future people in my life, learning to push myself beyond my own limits and comfort zone now, so later... ya.

out of all the atoms and trillions of years, (heh, I could get... lol, sloppy describing this), the accretion of light to matter to matter to stars to stars to supernova to supernova to planets to planets to earth to earth to us, we are beyond lucky to be alive.
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