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Re: Pharmacy Had To Backorder Adderall

Originally Posted by Theo_43 View Post
I've taken Teva brand IR 20 mg. for 20 years. My current pharmacy told me they are backordered from the manufacturer, with a potential fill date of mid march. Another pharmacy told me the same, and said in the past (presumably with other drugs) they would wait until mid march and expect their order, only to find it had now switched to mid-may. Translation: Don't hold your breath.

Background: CVS carried Teva brand for decades. Then a year or so ago, they stopped. I was screwed for a while, as I have been unable to find another generic that works. I switched to Walmart which carried it, and at that time told me they were amazed that there was a huge recent spike in brand demand- probably all the former CVS customers. The generic core Pharma (now called Epic) and Mylan brands are completely worthless for me- like taking nothing.

I'm trying Sandoz for the first time. (Might be a long month!)
How is the Sandoz working out for you?
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