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The job I wish I had years ago

Well, been away from the forum for a while. Some of it intentional (for another thread) and some of it circumstantial.

I have been very happily employed since January 25. I am with a company that I had a business association with over 10 years ago. Pays to not burn bridges and keep networking. Went looking for a friend who used to work their and was in my target industry. When they heard I was unemployed they asked me if I were interested in my friends old job which had sat vacant since July 2006. Hell yes!!! Only catch was I would need to relocate 200 miles to another state. House on the market, contract on a house in the new location. I've been commuting to there on Monday mornings, staying at a hotel the company is paying for (along with meals and moving expenses) and head home after work on Thursday. Work from home on Friday and have the weekend with my family. Couldn't be happier with the company, job or the work it entails.

Still taking my Adderall XR (20 mg/day), see my MD every 45 days or so. I do need a new MD in the state where I am moving, especially to keep my Adderall XR going.

Biggest differen between this job and the last 4 or 5 is I like, no LOVE what I am doing. I am already running at full pace, days are pleasantly swamped with work, traveling on business. No time to be bored, not time to sit and think "woe is me". I have not told them about my ADD, nor really plan to at this point.

Happily employed,

My interests is in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there. Charles Kettering
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