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Originally Posted by VisualImagery
nj, welcome back and I am so glad for you! Look forward to more banter and tech advice.

I am applying for another job in my hometown this fall. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Avatar is the same-name is not pm me for the story if you like. It is radical. Hint.
Fingers Crossed. Do the reseach on the company first. I could write lots on that. Ah, you like the tech advice. I feel good providing that and I've been in the computer bus for 25 years. Mainframes to PC's. Still in the PC software business...wish I could tell you what I is very exciting and everyone here is positively impacted by what I do...I do mean everyone.

I really encourage everyone to read blogs...I'll work on a listing of all the better blogs that I think would help those with ADD and some well, which are just good blogs on all things about life.

Good luck. You'll do fine

My interests is in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there. Charles Kettering
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