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Re: I blame the... -_- internet :( ???

Originally Posted by nickel76 View Post
Speaking of which, I tried that parental control thing on my TV because I would constantly flip through and watch a few seconds/minutes of mind numbingly idiotic TV like E! and Bravo even though I knew it was like taking my time and flushing it down the toilet. So I blocked all the channels but the ones that are at least moderately productive like the Science and History channels. Well it worked for a little while but the problem is I knew the override code (there's no way I'm going to forget a 4 digit key) so... the only way I could see it actually working is if you hire a random person off the street to program the code and never see them again; otherwise I would find a way to get it.
maybe you could get someone else in the household to do it... or else you would never EVER watch E or Bravo again! not even during free time!!!!!
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