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Re: How does Adult ADD/ADHD affect the male sex drive?

I realize that there is more to a relationship than sex, but it is an important part, at least for me. Maybe I am being selfish, but I feel like I am the one holding everything all of time now, for him as well as myself. I also know that I am partially responsible for him becoming so dependent on me....he acts like he can't do a single thing for himself anymore and he is nearly 50 years old, and I have enabled that. I am having a difficult time as it is dealing with the tantrums, the lying, the hyperness, the tactless blurting out, and the lack of respect for my and other people's feelings. I cope pretty well most of the time but it gets exhausting and there are times I have to just walk away before I completely go off on him. I don't want to do that because I know it is not intentional. The only time as of late that he is calm, relaxed and really wonderful to be around is during intimacy. When I get frustrated and angry I stop and think about how wonderful those times feel and it does help as I know at least I have that to look forward to. But now that seems to be disappearing as well and I am scared to death.
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