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Re: ? re: Canadians: Getting Accommodations for exams - University & GRE, etc.

I was referred from my GP to a private psychologist for formal ADHD testing that was covered via private insurance. With the formal assessment results and the diagnosis I was able to submit that information to my universities' accessibility office for multiple accommodations that were recommended for ADHD inattentive and co-morbid bipolar 2 disorder.

At that point I was referred from the GP to a psychiatrist for further interviewing and medication considerations.

At the moment I receive the following assistance:
1. 20 minutes extra time per hour of existing test time.
2. I write in a separate quiet space from my class with proctors.
3. I have stop time breaks allowing me to get up and move around without interfering with the assigned time on my exams.
4. I receive counseling services with an individual therapist specialized in emotional dysregulation issues.
5. I have livescribe software allowing me to record my lectures and sync them to my note taking, as well as speech to text and text to speech software that was funded through disability services.

My psychiatrist has written a letter of intent for workplace accommodations that allows for me to work 8 hour shifts instead of the customary 12 in my industry that is expected of students in co-op placements. I still experience large amounts of discrimination facing medical accommodations that is a primary cause of my severe levels of anxiety. Trying to manage side effects, the workload of a science degree, full time work expectations, and not disclose any illness is a lot to ask of any one person.

I am unfortunately on a seemingly endless waiting list for the ADHD specialist at the university I attend, so I expect I will be using my private insurance to access ADHD coaching from the psychologist who originally diagnosed me. They specialize in both ADHD and mood disorders so are a good fit for me personally.
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