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Adderall XR, Birth Control, Hormone Fluctuations... Journal Thread!

When I started Adderall XR 2+ years ago, I was on the Depo-Provera shot. At the time, I absolutely love it. From the first couple weeks onward, I felt dramatically better. I remember my skin cleared up after 10+ years with terrible acne that plagued me since puberty. My Adderall worked like a charm and if it cut out it was for a couple days here and there. Nothing strange, I thought I had found the answer to achieving stability and functioning at an optimal level. This lasted for about a year or so.

Then I forgot to get my shot before I went out of town and ended up saying screw it all together. I honestly didn't think it would be a terrible thing because I was told to avoid spending more than 2 years on it, and at this point it has been 4. Well about two weeks after missing my depo shot, my whole life fell apart. My medication completely stopped working. I fell into a deep depression and my doctor tried multiple med changes and doses to see if I could get back to where I was... it took about 6 months before I was able to restart taking the Adderall XR again and even then, it only worked for 2 weeks out of the month. The other two weeks it didn't even feel like I took anything. At one point my doctor said to increase until I double the dosage. I did and had ZERO effect still. I very quickly gave up on attempting meds for the two weeks out of the month where it didn't work. Then I would restart my meds and it would be fine.

I had to take a couple months off Adderall since I was getting off Klonopin and I became hyper sensitive to the Adderall all of a sudden. Well that's passed and now I am back on it. Started it right after getting my period, tracked the day and watched for when it cut out since I had a hunch about my hormones thanks to these boards and voila! it cut out right around the time of ovulation and has not returned in effectiveness. This was last Tuesday.

I discussed it with my doctor and was told to quick start Seasonique today and hopefully this would help to level out and regulate my hormones. I was weary of the depo shot because it was so damn hard to stop taking. This BC pill has progesterone AND estrogen. I am concerned since it is different from the depo with regards to the inclusion of estrogen but I thought it was worth a shot before committing to the depo provera again.

I guess I will be posting this to update my progress as to whether or not this hormonal science experiment works..... I really hope it does because having symptom control for two weeks, only to have any progress I've made fall apart in the two weeks afterwards has been really demotivating and has made me wonder why I try to make this work in the first place?

I need to get my actual hormones tested soon, forgot to ask my doctor about this today.

Any comments are welcome!
Diagnosis: ADHD-C (Nov '12) Narcolepsy (Aug '15) Dysthymia, Generalized Anxiety (Sept '14)
Medication: Adderall XR, Klonopin (tapering off), Clonidine
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