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Re: Adderall XR, Birth Control, Hormone Fluctuations... Journal Thread!

Originally Posted by zilphy View Post
Lower estrogen levels impact the efficacy of Adderall. I become more "ADHD" the closer I get to starting my period. I have to increase the Adderall during this time so I can remain productive at work. Taking a low dose of Zoloft during this time can help with the angst of feeling sad and out of control. I rarely take the Zoloft, but it's nice to have the option. Unfortunately, the impact of hormone levels on ADHD only intensify until we complete menopause. As you know first-hand, women with ADHD are chemically complicated. Hang in there. I hate you are having to experience all of this. Please continue to share your story. It can really help other ADHD women.
Thanks so much for this post! I'm so confused about my actual hormonal levels... I took the Seasonique for about 2 weeks before I ended up experiencing extreme tics and involuntary muscle movements from a low dose of Ritalin. The same thing happened on the Adderall before I switched over to Ritalin. I went on a hunch and decided to go back on the Depo shot and wow, the difference is AMAZING. My doctor is now starting to wonder if I was just estrogen dominant and since my hormone levels were so imbalance, that perhaps that may have caused the issues.

The combination birth control caused severe involuntary movements immediately after administration of both Adderall XR, as well as Ritalin (both taken on separate days, not taken together and at previously well tolerated doses). Look up chorea on youtube, and this is basically what I looked like. Despite no history of Tourette's, or tics...

The nausea from the Seasonique was so extreme that I actually had to take multiple tests because I could have sworn I was pregnant, thankfully... this was not the case.

I was very concerned about restarting the Depo shot because I've read the horror stories and I experienced the hell of getting off it but I always remembered from Day 1 that I felt like it "fixed" something in me.

Thankfully this time around I have had the exact same result. I'm less lethargic than I was, no more afternoon naps, overall improvement in mood and energy.... overall... I just feel stable again.

So that's where I am at on the hormonal struggles...

Doc thinks estrogen dominance... anyone else have any experiences similar to this??

As per usual, I feel like the alien who experiences medication effects completely differently than the majority of the population... lol

I'm just happy I feel back to myself...

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
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Medication: Adderall XR, Klonopin (tapering off), Clonidine
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