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Re: Feel i'm not creative as others of my level of intelligence

Don't get me wrong daveddd, I still strongly believe that ADHDers are more creative on average. I also still think most research supports this. I also agree with what you were saying about EF and creativity. I was just backing away from saying it's absolutely proven already.

Lunacie, I felt that article you linked was written by someone with a clear bias. There was only one exact quote from Barkley in that article (the quote at the top) and I'm not 100% sure it wasn't taken out of context (i.e. not speaking specifically on creativity but maybe just responding to that argument of adhd being a "gift"). Though it doesn't even matter to me what Barkley believes tbh. I wouldn't go by the word of just one expert, especially Barkley who the first video I saw of him speaking, he was already saying something that I disagreed with.
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