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I also think this "limbic system" name for a subtype is VERY misleading. It implies the limbic system (which is in the midbrain) is somehow involved in ADHD, or at least a form of ADHD. To my knowledge, there's been no involvement of these structures found.

What I thought was interesting about the study you posted is in bold:

"With sadness, increases in limbic-paralimbic blood flow (subgenual cingulate, anterior insula) and decreases in neocortical regions (right dorsolateral prefrontal, inferior parietal) were identified. With recovery from depression, the reverse pattern, involving the same regions, was seenólimbic metabolic decreases and neocortical increases. A significant inverse correlation between subgenual cingulate and right dorsolateral prefrontal activity was also demonstrated in both conditions."

What this suggests is that the decreases in blood flow in the prefrontal cortex that are seen in ADHD may be related to the depression some ADDers experience. It's a weak connection at best, but it's an interesting finding to pursue further.

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