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Re: I left my son at home this morning without a ride to school

I wake my son up, and give him some chocolate milk, or oatmeal and brown sugar, etc, and let him lay there. (With his light and TV on the channel he prefers) and then leave him alone, to gather his thoughts.

Then I set the timer on the stove, in the kitchen, for 20 or 30 minutes, that my son agreeded he would get up and turn off, to help him get up and going.

I let the alarm on the stove beep until he gets up and turns it off.

Then I ask him if he needs my help with anything.

Edit: in our home everyone has a hard time getting up when we need to, but when we do not need to get up, we usually get up earlier than we need to, so I try to create a non urgent pleasant situation when ever I can.

Edit: My son has some sensory issues with the shower (that I can also relate to) especially when he was younger and he preferred to take a bath the evening before.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)

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