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Re: **** just got real

The dude seems to worship RD Laing, another bat**** psychiatrist who thought schizophrenia wasn’t really an illness and apparently gave his patients hallucinogenic drugs because existentialism or whatever. Laing was an important figure in psychiatry for many reasons, but I think my doc is secretly into that weird woo woo supernatural ****. So yeah, the shrink isn’t likely to stop my meds.

He was even like “I don’t think you’re the type that needs to be on SSRI’s forever but it’s up to you if you feel like they’re working”. That seems a bit too lenient for a doctor to say. I told him that I get thoughts that feel like aren’t mine, as if I’m picking up a radio signal, and he was like “oh that’s neat how your subconscious works”.

I don’t doubt his expertise or his professionalism but I think he’s not telling me something and I think he thinks I don’t know it. I mean, he was all like “you can talk to me personally instead of calling the crisis team, incase you would prefer to talk to a more familiar person”. I seriously doubt he can just drop everything in his schedule to deal with something the CPN is supposed to deal with. It’s like he wants to “see me in action”, so to speak.

But yeah, med wise I should be okay.
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