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Question Friend advice

Ok so to start off I am 13 and in middle school. I live in a small university town where half the population are doctors lawyers or professors. In a place where an 95% grade is considered failing. Hea I know I should leave as soon as possible but my family likes it. (My mom and dad are both doctors.) Anyway back on topic. I have a group of friends that are hecka smart (I am the youngest by a year or two)I mean like A year ahead in all classes. Their parents are Harvard lawyers professors, yea you get the point. So in this friend group I am totally the seventh wheel. However I am fine with that and I do not want to change it. Basically me and one other in the group have ADHD and i still do fine. However she is a bit behind she is very smart and has siblings in very good colleges, however she can not keep up with the rest of the group and resents the others because of it. So she is slowly starting to get depressed by the pressure, and drifting away from her friends. She is not happy and I am trying to help her as I can relate to her in a lot of ways. Ex. ADHD, and being the stupid one in the family. I believe that her changes are a result of her adderall medication, puberty and just being a teen. Ok so does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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