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Educational Autism brought up by school

My son (12) has been medically diagnosed with ADD. He is on medication and has been for quite some time. He is in middle school and just moved to a lower reading class because the school indicated he is 3 grade levels behind in reading. His issue is comprehension. Have discussed with his dr and she recommended having him tested by the school for a learning disability. The testing hasn't begun as of yet but the school counselor just called and mentioned they are thinking he has educational autism. I have never heard of this and he hasn't been tested yet so not sure how this diagnosis came about.
Has anyone else had issues like this?
I believe (with limited research) that he may have dyslexia. Total know all the learning disabilities but this seems to encompass his comprehension issues.
Always thought dyslexia was just transposing letters but learned it is much more.
Any feedback would help. I don't want him to get this label of educational autism if that is not truly what he has. Again I don't even know what that is!!! Just concerned and want to get this resolved so we can proceed with his school career (on the right path).
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