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I bought Ritalin in Mexico for a couple of years and used it and thought it was about the same as you get here in the USA. It's made by Novartis and has the little "CIBA" stamp on each tablet. It's about $25 for 30 10mg tablets, a little expensive, but a script is only $10, and it's virtually sold over the counter though it may require a little pharmacy shopping. I live in San Diego and this was in Tijuana.

They also have Provigil for ADD. In the DEF, the Mexican equivalent of the PDR, those are the only two meds listed for ADD. Adderall may make it eventually, but the Mexicans have been reluctant to add any amphetamine back into the legal market, probably due to the DEA. The fact is, with very little searching, all drugs are available over the counter in Mexican farmacias.
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