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Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?

Originally Posted by baj41 View Post
Can I buy adderall online? I mean has anyone actually did it and has the experience? Its really expensive seeing the doc every month.
I was kind of confused by your post. Do you want the Adderall filled online or are you looking for a prescription online?

Under no conditions should you buy Adderall from online sources that say they can provide a prescription and send you the Adderall. This is illegal and dangerous, as you have no idea if they are actually sending you real Adderall or just something they say is Adderall.

You can't get Adderall from a legal pharmacy in Canada.

Some people in the forum have mentioned being about the get their insurance company to send them their medicine, but this seems to be a limited number of insurance companies and I have no idea how it works.

As far as your doctor goes, do you HAVE to see him/her every month to get a prescription? My doctor just makes me come in every 6 months for a check up, and I pick up my prescription from her office every month without an appointment. If your doctor is having you come in, try talking to him/her about your concerns over money and maybe he/she will make you come in less often. If money is very tight to the point you cannot afford doctors visits every month, you might want to find a doctor who only requires you to come in every few months or something.

Good luck!
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