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Re: Not picking up the beginning of story


My sister does exactly what you describe. It's like she can't understand it in the way it's presented to her without reworking it. She says, "Well what do you do in your head when people are talking? Don't you think about it?" So I've really thought about that because I'm a very good listener and I have the opposite of an ADD brain. I have laser focus that I control.

When someone starts talking to me, I stop all other thought and I begin only with what someone is saying and use that to build the picture. I do have my own thoughts about what they're saying, but that is on a separate channel from what they're describing.

I will stop people immediately if I lose what they're saying, but I don't often have to do that. Looking at how I do this, it seems obvious to me that the advantage I have in this is because I can focus, even the background thoughts are concentrated on the conversation.

I don't restructure at all the way the person says it. Even if it goes in strange, that's the way I understand it. I'll ask questions later to clear up the weirdness.

So many things about ADD make it hard to listen. The inability to stop the internal chaos, let alone leave it turned off during the conversation, as well as just turning sound into understandable meaning in your head. Also there are the memory aspects of remembering back to the beginning, remembering things you want to say. People like me can dedicate separate channels to various things. Looking at this really makes me empathize with how difficult listening is for ADD people.

I've very glad I've found out about this because it really helps me understand this from another point of view.

Thanks for helping me with this.

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