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Re: What techniques do you use to read more effectively?

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post
Man, I miss reading! I've always been a slow reader, and it can be very difficult to read an entire book cover to each and every book I made it through felt really special to me! Like it was a pretty big personal accomplishment. I have a lot of pride in my small collection of books I've read.

But's become increasingly difficult over the years to get anywhere with a book.

I'm afraid this is going to sound gross or something...but the only time I can actually read anymore...and stick to a when I'm using the bathroom. It's in a quiet place and there's not much there to distract me. No tv, no computer, not much of anything at all.
So I always keep a book in the room. And it works! I just got through the final book of the lord of the rings trillogy...something I've been attempting for many years...a few months ago. Just recently finished my first Dean Koontz book, and now am starting on the biography of John Nash called A Beautiful Mind (also a great movie).

I still cant read a book for the life of me anywhere else though. It's too boring, and my mind wonders off and I'd rather be doing other, more exciting, things. I try to read a book in my spare time...I'd love to sit down for an hour or 2 like I use to be able to, just to read a book...but dang, I've not been able to do so in years now.
Yes, it is definitely difficult to push myself to read more than a chapter or two in one sitting. In regard to your bathroom hobby, I find the same is true!
It is a nice quiet place where there are no distractions and I will often read there as well.

Unless I am really into something (which is becoming harder and harder to find) especially in regard to books, it does take forever to get through.
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