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Which Medication?

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and looking for any advise regarding our son (10).
He has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism (Aspergers) and In-attentive ADHD.
Basically, he has a high IQ (according to tests) but struggles at school for several reasons but not least of all, the inability to focus and attend. We started with ritalin however, after some time the medication stopped being effective and he developed terrible anxiety and some OCD, which didn't stop even after the ritalin was ceased. Our paediatrician recommended Strattera to help with anxiety and attention issues. I wasn't too hopeful after reading the reviews but we were willing to give it a try.
The Strattera was horrendous initially and he had horrible side effects included self-harm ideation however we persevered as he has threatened self harm in past with no medication.

Basically, the Strattera didn't really helped with either the anxiety or the concentration but he in general he was a much happier child in himself with fewer meltdowns and aggressive mood swings.
Then the tics began - so rubbing his face raw and biting his mouth until he got ulcers. Our paed recommended a very small dose of risperidone (an anti-psychotic) for a few months to help get the tics under control, which it did.
We were due to come off the risperidone when my husband was transferred to a new job interstate. The paed recommended not changing medication because of the stress for our son being in a new town, new school etc.

We have begun the withdrawal process of the risperidone finally (pretty bad, so we are taking it slow) but the tics have now resurfaced.
We refuse to keep him on the risperidone long term (I really feel like we are taking a gun to a knife fight here) and have decided that Strattera is not effective enough to justify the tics.

Sooo, any advise on what to try? Anyone recommend a stimulant that isn't too bad for anxiety or alternatively, has anyone tried a stimulant and anti-anxiety med simultaneously? We are in Australia and so have fewer choices unfortunately.

We are going to slowly withdraw from these two meds and give our boy a break but long term, we need an alternative.

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