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Re: Which Medication?

In Romania, risperidone is the med for autism spectrum , generally( and Clopixol too ). Risperidone took and take my son during the school, he became FAT,. .. For attention Stratera and concerta were dezastrouse.. Dr told me that the brain of an ADHD ONLY is very diiferent that the brain of one with ASD with ADHD.. thant-s why they did not worked at all...
I gave to my son code liver oil ( from Childlifenutritional - in an USA product) and ESPRICO - made in Germany. when the school begins- for atention, Pay attention to the diet, no sugar if is possible. I saw that there are some homeopatic siroup for ADHD- made in USA also. I am thinking about tring it in the future... God with us!!
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