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I didn't have much experience either; I only had one relationship before my wife.

My wife is honestly the most beautiful women I have ever seen, so when she asked me out I broke up with my other girlfriend (we weren't getting along at all) and went out with her. I ended up marrying her. She's so beautiful, however, that I think it masked the fact that I was never in love with her.

My lack of experience with women, for many reasons, has put me into a fruitless relationship (except my son - he rocks!). I mean, she and I get along well, but there just isn't any spark.

Now, I'm older and I'm much more confidant with myself and I've worked out some of my issues. I see what I want but feel like I missed it; Now, my most important objective is no longer me, but my son so I can accept my life for what it is.

My point is (I'd get around to it eventually ) try as much as you can with the dating thing. It WILL build you as a person and help you understand yourself and others. I don't mean sleep around or anything, but get out with as many as you can, just like others have said before: approach it with a, "I'm doing _____, you want to go along?", kind of thing.

Otherwise, one day you'll look back and think, "Why was I so scared?" and be too late.

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