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Re: facebook is clearly and totally the devil for us

I didn't get a facebook account till very recently because I couldn't use the text chat function on my VR headset without it. And I now realize facebook is way more than just adding a bunch of friends and posting pictures of your dinner.

I actually haven't played much with it yet but I think it could be a god send during these coronavirus social distancing times for many families and friends.

I was looking for game apps to play with my niece, nephew, and my socially isolated dad. And I found some but playing them, we had to learn the "friending" and joining a party system of each app, download the apps slowly, and search through the google store to find good apps. It was really fun but it was a little cumbersome and required some prep (downloading games first).

But with facebook games, it's all a uniform friending system and inviting everyone appears to all be the same I think. And there are just a ton of games perfect for socializing with. It's just much simpler to use. Add to this, windows pcs don't usually have all the same apps as android and apple devices. But facebook games appears to be multiplatform. Really important to me cause I'm giving my dad my windows laptop and am going to control it remotely using TeamViewer so that I can watch movies, do youtube exercise routines, and play games with him (he cannot handle tech at all and has early dementia so can't learn to do things). Facebook games makes it really easy for me to use my mom's ipad she gave me to play games with my dad on the windows pc I gave him.
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