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Re: Adderall in UK

Hi Anna351,

Originally Posted by Anna351
Can UK pharmacies fill a US prescription, or would I first have to go to a private doctor to get a UK prescription?
Think the answer is most likely no, I'm not 100% sure, but since it's a controlled substance it's unlikely.
Originally Posted by Anna351
Another question: Can I have my doctor fill my prescription in the US and ship it to me? I'm wondering if their are restrictions on importing a controlled substance, and unfortunately, I can't find any information on this. Any ideas?
Yes Adderall is controlled and you will not be able to legally ship it to the UK without lots of paperwork, costs and process. That is why Adderall XR costs around 9-10/capsule (I guess that's about $16 US), since the importers pay heavy duty and admin in bringing it to UK. Ironic when it's a UK company (Shire,) than actually makes Adderall in the USA.
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