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Re: Adderall in UK

Originally Posted by InTheMoment View Post
I agree that the UK NHS is a disgrace when it come to ADD/ADHD and we have a very poor choice of medications compared to the USA.

As Inattentive hyper-focussed ADD, I went private and tried Ritalin, Concerta and Dexedrine before I found Adderall which was the only med that came anywhere close to the activation/motivation effect I was looking for. I came off Adderall (60mg/day) about a year ago due to heart tachycardia but the £15/day cost would have been a long term issue too. Since then I have tried to reproduce the effects with supplementation:
  • Tyrosine - was OK a minimal amount of energy
  • St John's Wort/5-HTP - these effect Serotonin and just make me sleepy, not surprising as boosting Serotonin suppresses Dopamine which is the opposite of what we need with ADD
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine - this is far better absorbed than Tyrosine and much more effective and definitely closest to Adderall for motivation
  • DMAE, DL Phenylalanine, Phosphatatidyl Serine - all give some kind of kick/effect but didn't address my Inattentive ADD much
  • Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B - amazing difference to mood, almost eliminated my low grade depression (dysthymia). Seems most ADDers are deficient in these critical minerals, I am taking high levels: 800mg Magnesium and 150mg Zinc.
  • Multi-vitamin and multi-minerals - Good for overall health and hence energy
  • Macuna Pruriens - Just started on this "fuzzy bean" extract. Contains L-Dopa that some claim does not cross blood-brain barrier but I and many others don't agree. Seems to affect deepness of sleep too, with more dreaming. Depressed people don't dream enough according to a BBC2 Horizon documentary on Dreams this week.
  • Galantamine - Meant to improve memory, can't remember what my memory was like before I started taking it!
  • Magnolia Extract - Helps lower stress without making you sleepy, I think most ADDers are too stressed and stress screws up immune system and wellbeing
  • Gingko Biloba - Does seem to make a difference to memory/concentration
  • Lots of other supplements still under self-medication review....
Overall I have not achieved either the mood elevation or the activation/motivation I had from Adderall but I have improved a lot through supplements. I not interested in increased focus because I hyper-focus easily, in fact Dexedrine made me hyper-hyper-focus, which was awful, so I have not researched supplements for this.

Adderall did give me the biggest motivation boost but it also physically stressed my body, I lost a lot of weight too rapidly for my liking (over 50lbs in 6 months) and then had heart problems. Ironically the magnesium may well have fixed my tachycardia now. Supplementing with Zinc and Magnesium has made a great difference to my mood and Acetyl-Tyrosine/Macuna seem to help with activation a little.

I now realise that no ADD medication or supplement will truely "fix" all my ADD challenges, they might help a little but the rest is about understanding and working with who and how I am.
Hey @InTheMoment, I appreciate this post brother, itís really informative and Iím going to try a few of the supplements. You say youíre taking 800mg of Magnesium and 150mg of Zinc though? Is that accurate? The Recommended Daily Allowance of Magnesium is nearer 400mg and Zinc js 10mg. So thatíd mean youíre taking twice the recommended amount of Magnesium and 15x the recommended amount of Zinc?
Would appreciate a response if you can, although I see youíve not been on here for a while :-(
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