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Re: Just moved, waiting to see new doc....predicament!!

Thank you so much for your input.

I tried called my old doc's office trying to see if they could mail my Rx to me until I see my new practitioner. Unfortunately I must have terrible luck because my MD is actually out of the office until after the Holiday weekend....which is precisely when I will be OUT of my adderall. So even if they could mail the script, which I did not get a confirmation on, it wouldn't be sent until I was out and then I'd have to wait until it got here to be able to fill it (which leaves me helpless during my first week of orientation - a very scary thought.)

Since my doctor is gone even a drive down there would not accomplish very much as he isn't around to sign the script.

The GP I have been referred to doesn't have any openings til the very end of June. I did, however, manage to get an appointment with my old gyno (I lived here years ago so I don't exactly have a current rapport with him) on Friday - only because I am having some female issues that aren't pertinent to my ADHD.

Is it okay to ask my gynecologist if he can write me a script for exactly what I have already been taking while I wait to see a new psych? I don't want to come across badly to him and I do already have an appointment scheduled...what do you think?
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