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Re: Driving?

Originally Posted by Pixelatedmind View Post
I got my license and my first car at 23.

Before that I loved and used to drive motorcycles, I had a devastating accident at 23 due to speeding and recklessness. Which led the switch to cars (I still crave motorcycles so much)

My experience from driving a car
  1. Driving slowly = Getting distracted very easily, getting overwhelmed by other stupid drivers, getting impatient and restless
  2. Driving fast = Stimulating, Impulsive and reckless driving
Depends on your personality, how much do you like driving vs hate driving but have to drive..
I have similar tendencies. I got my first car at 16, and have been non stop on wheels of some sort for a long long time. I actually drove for a living for my last job (Did it for more than a decade). I quit riding my RD-250 bike when the traffic started to get really crazy in my area. (The early 80's)

I have noticed now that I am depression free, I am not too good a driver, having a hard time judging speeds of other cars when I pull out.. I do the slow driver thing too. When I was driving for a living I had a light bar with all sorts of flashing lights and I was usually going 45 or so. I believe I did well for the job.

HOWEVER ...I just got on meds (Ritalin) yesterday and so far I have seen a wonderful improvement in how I drive. I hope this continues.
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