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Re: Driving?

I started operating a small tractor around 10 or so, started driving shortly after that, discovered motorcycles at 14, and my world changed. I wasn't diagnosed until mid 40's, but I knew I needed to be behind the wheel or the handlebars....I didn't actually get a license until I was 17, but I had one car and 2 motorcycles by the time I was 16. I was always sneaking out and driving or riding somewhere. When I got my license, and a regular job, I would get off work, drive up to the border, and turn around and drive back. I didn't wreck and I didn't get tickets. It was freaking therapy for me. The noise of the road and the motor, the visual stimulus, even the changing smells, allow me to focus on the act of moving. I have always had jobs that are involved with transportation, either driving stuff around, or driving myself, or teaching others to drive. My huge failure in any of those positions was always paperwork, sitting down and completing evals, reports or proposals. Even now, when I am getting weird, my wife sends me out on the Harley and says come back when you are better.

To sum up, if the act of driving (or riding) does not hold on to you and draw you in, and your personal whirlpool trips you up, by all means, do not get behind the wheel.

However, you may be missing out on a wonderfully soothing therapy!
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