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Re: All disease is preventable

Now there's a problem - the story has begun to become so obvious that it's becoming difficult to repeat it.

What does that mean ? Well when an idea is obvious to everybody - it enters into a space where one loses the motivation to express it. When an idea 'wins' it becomes a part of the collective conscious and so is taken as a given.

But what about all of the world's experts with degree after degree and degree in genetics - well - I think that I should have broken EVERY paid speciality (only hobbies remain) - and so everybody (shoo!) - go and have fun.

I want to supervise an olive tree and some of its friends.
Make sure they don't run off some place cold, grey and stay inside staring at computer screen after computer screen of 4 colours - A, G, C and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Know thine abstraction layer.

We are designed to learn to be better - that is our evolutionary wont in life which we spurn ... ... to lower abstraction layers.

Physics won't fix us
Chemistry won't fix us
Biochemistry won't fix us
Genetics won't fix us
Neuroscience won't fix us
Philosophy won't fix us

We simply need a mind of morality in a society defined by morality and then to follow our eyes into personally fulfilling fun (which will relate to personal quality acquisition in all of its myriad contexts).
ADHD understood - simple information sensitivity.
Attention geared towards information handling.
Other calls on attention fail to captivate the ADD mind.
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