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Re: All disease is preventable

Statistics can be useful and Informatics may be useful also.
They're not dead subjects - they just need reorientation.

The trick is to see that (see Hippocrates 'developing') - that they're supposed to be used in developing eustressful environments for human beings to become better.

There's probably going to be some dreadfully dreary probabilistic model to determine load balancing of cloud servers as we return to the UNIX model of distributed computing ... ... Sun can come out from behind Facebook :-).

Which statistical / computing does the individual require when wise ?
None - just thinking that they're useful for teaching.

... ... but teaching is easy if the point is to convey The Theory of Everything.

Good point - there will though have to be a collective commons upon which people will play.

This will represent a clean external world and an open access virtual world so geographic limitations do not limit us.

There is nothing better than discovering new music by clicking a button.

Dismantling Frank.

Since we no longer need an addiction service if the addiction to money/power is eliminated through wisdom.

The solution to all human problems arise through people making the journey to individual wisdom (through morality) in a global environment characterized by morality/wisdom.
ADHD understood - simple information sensitivity.
Attention geared towards information handling.
Other calls on attention fail to captivate the ADD mind.

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