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Re: All disease is preventable

Missing the psychosocial diagnosis—a form of institutionalised malpractice
May 21, 2018

Originally Posted by In/Flux
Until they forget the most dangerousest narcotic that exists
And that's the narcotic that's injected into the minds of infants...
It's called social narcotics...
So, you know as well as I do that things are changing...
Yeah, change, you know...
People collectively believe in the biomedicalgenetic approach.

That disease is material in nature.
That a medicine can fix breakage.
And that breakage may be defined in some (-omic) aspect of the physical body.

It's ALL nonsense.

Biopsychosocial factors determine health.
The solution to all human problems arise through people making the journey to individual wisdom (through morality) in a global environment characterized by morality/wisdom.
ADHD understood - simple information sensitivity.
Attention geared towards information handling.
Other calls on attention fail to captivate the ADD mind.
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