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Re: All disease is preventable

What if the biopsychosocial model is **wholly** correct and the biomedicalgenetic approach is *wholly* wrong? I've scanned all -omics data (briefly :-) ) ... ... and the sole conclusion that I make is that the essence of this article (a world of distress (broad sense) and not eustress) is to blame for disease {{{period}}}. Note that I'm suggesting that the biomedicalgenetic model is *wholly* wrong (from the perspective of arriving at a healthy global species) - now, of course, interesting data is generated, it's so much fun to play with of course ... ... but none of it is required - is what I'm suggesting ... ... at least if human health is the goal. However, if you happen to be a statistical -omic bioinformaticist ... ... ... This statement is made from tracking every movement of -omics from the mid-80s.
Perhaps if we were to look to the work of one of our fine epidemiologists - we might identify the major basis to psychosocial stress? Michael Marmot's 'Whitehall Study' is useful. Perhaps we might ask ourselves what the problem is with a hierarchical structure? and perhaps we might reference certain social structures within the animal kingdom where the collective falls below an alpha-(fe)male ... ... and then perhaps we might realise that we're human beings and not animals (at least not in that sense) - and realise that human beings are supposed to be equal. Everything else then follows on - really quite naturally - referencing my comment below* ... ... ...
*above [added]

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