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Need some quick help...

and before I begin I apologize if this is the wrong forum and not doing my own research (as I usually do) but as the title implies I'm in need quick help.

According to my insurance my "limit" for Adderall XR has run its course and they are asking for a co-pay of $250+. I have student insurance through the University I attend and it sucks and actually ends next month. I called them to verify this (the pharmacist told me it prior when attempting to fill the rx) and I was told the same thing BUT I also received a lecture on filling the rx's at the school pharmacy. I immediately became enraged because the school pharmacy is closed for the summer and who the hell are they to say **** about ****!! current rx is barely surviving - two to three days left and I'm not sure what I can do, for that matter if there's anything I can do to get my medication.

Thanks in advance for any help, I greatly appreciate it!!
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